2017 WI Resolutions

At our AGM in May, we will be voting on the 2017 WI resolutions. This year, these are Alleviating Loneliness and Plastic Soup: keeping microplastic fibres out of our oceans.

Forest Hill WI, along with every other WI across the country will get one vote for each resolution. This means we can decide whether the WI should or shouldn’t campaign on each resolution – instead of having to choose one resolution over the other. If both resolutions are agreed at the Annual Meeting, the National Federation of WI’s will campaign in both areas.

You can read all about the process of submitting a resolution, how they are chosen and how our vote counts at the Annual Meeting on the WI website.

There are also detailed notes on each topic on the WI website, and we will be talking these through at the AGM but please find some more details below.

Alleviating Loneliness

This meeting calls on every WI and the NFWI to work alongside health and social care providers and their local community to raise awareness of the causes and impacts of loneliness, thus ensuring better identification of lonely people in order to be able to offer them the appropriate assistance and support.

Read the full Briefing notes on the WI website here.

Plastic Soup: Keep microplastic fibres out of our ocean


Microplastic fibres are shed from synthetic clothing with every wash and are the main contributors to microplastic contamination of the oceans. The NFWI calls on Government and industry to research and develop innovative solutions to this problem in order to stop the accumulation of microplastic fibres in our oceans.  

Read the full WI Briefing Notes on the WI website here.

Full text of the WI Resolution process and all details about the Resolutions can be found here.

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