Let them decorate cake


March’s meeting saw us learning about a staple WI skill (!), cake decorating. Our speaker for the evening was Emete from Friddle’s Cakes. A former graphic designer, she now spends her days creating stunning cakes for birthdays, weddings and christenings and her design credentials are plain to see.

First we learnt about covering a cake in buttercream, to start with you need a flat surface and there are numerous gadgets you can use to flatten your top and sides. Emete said to always make the cake bigger than you think you need as you will probably cut a lot off to flatten the top. Once your cake is straight and flat you add a ‘crumb coat’ of buttercream which is a fairly thin coat to completely cover the cake – then pop it in the fridge for 20 minutes to set before adding another, thicker, coat of buttercream which should leave you with no cake showing through at all. Put it back in the fridge for another 20 minutes to set before adding the fondant icing. If you don’t want to ice the cake you can use a small palate knife and a turntable to create a pattern around the sides.

Next we were shown how to cover a cake in fondant icing, shop bought fondant is perfectly fine for the job (and tons easier than making your own!). Use a large non-stick rolling pin to roll a circle of fondant bigger than the cake, pick it up using the rolling pin (so you don’t get fingerprints on it) and lay it over the cake, you can then use a pinching and pulling technique to cover the sides, and an icing smoother to get that professional finish. Cut off the excess at the bottom with a sharp knife.

Finally onto the hands on bit! Making roses from fondant icing. You can get special tools for the job which make it much quicker, however any circle cutter can be used to make the petals which you stick together with water or edible glue. There were some fantastic efforts from the members and lots of them bought the special mats and rolling pins to practice at home! We also got a chance to sample some of the delicious cake – both chocolate and vanilla, and Emete handed out recipes for a vanilla sponge to try at home.

We really hope you enjoyed the meeting, we’ve still for a few mats and rolling pins left to purchase for £3 if anyone would still like one.

Please share the pictures of your roses on our facebook group or twitter.

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