The Great Forest Hill Bake Off

Thanks to everyone who joined us at November’s knitting for Knit for Peace and thanks to everyone at Stag and Bow for their help running the meeting. Don’t forget to bring any completed squares to our next meeting.

Speaking of the next meeting, we’re excited to introduce the Great Forest Hill Bake Off. 

For our December meeting, we ask you to make a festive masterpiece to present to our special guest judges. We have three categories and you can enter in more than one so you have plenty of chances to win.

Festive Bakes – this can be anything from Christmas cakes or your baking speciality with a festive twist.

Christmas Biscuits and Pastries – mince pies, tree decorations, anything else you fancy.

Christmas preserves – chutneys, jams, pickles galore!

At the meeting, we’ll be admiring and sampling all the bakes and organising a Christmas biscuit demonstration and workshop so even if you don’t have time to make anything before the meeting, you can still get in the Christmas spirit.

Since we can’t all be Star Bakers, we also have a wooden spoon award for our favourite failed festive bake! Share yours on Facebook, twitter or comment below using the 

If you have any mishaps while baking, or pictures, inspiration and recipes, please add these to our twitter and Facebook page. Don’t forget to check the WI website for all their recipes too.

We look forward to seeing you at 8pm on 14th December at the All in One pub.

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